Nicaragua: Ratification of Treaty of Tlatelolco

State Nicaragua
Treaty Treaty of Tlatelolco
Action Type Ratification
Depositary Government of Mexico
Date 24 October 1968
With the following declaration:
"It is the understanding of the delegation of Nicaragua that the prohibitions in this Treaty refer solely to the use of nuclear energy for warlike purposes. Consequently, in signing the Treaty Nicaragua reserves its sovereign right to use nuclear energy, as it deems fit, for such peaceful purposes as the removal of large amounts of earth for the construction of interoceanic or any other type of canal, irrigation works, electric power stations, etc., and to allow the transit of atomic materials through its territory. Furthermore, in accordance with article 28, paragraph 2, of the Treaty, it wholly waives the requirements laid down in paragraph 1 of that article, so that the Treaty shall enter into force for Nicaragua upon deposit of its instrument of ratification."
Other Actions Signature on deposit with Mexico City — 15 February 1967