Netherlands: Ratification of Additional Protocol I to the Treaty of Tlatelolco

State Netherlands
Treaty Additional Protocol I to the Treaty of Tlatelolco
Action Type Ratification
Depositary Government of Mexico
Date 26 July 1971
With the following declaration:
"No provision of the Additional Protocol I shall be interpreted as prejudicing the position of the Kingdom of the Netherlands 
as regards its recognition or non-recognition of the rights of or claims to sovereignty of the Parties to the Treaty, or of the grounds 
on which such claims are made.
"No provision of the Protocol shall be interpreted as implying that, with respect to the carrying-out of nuclear explosions for 
peaceful purposes on the territory of Surinam and the Netherlands Antilles, other rules apply than those operative for the Parties to 
the Treaty."
(On 25 November 1975 Suriname became a sovereign State.) 
Other Actions Signature on deposit with Mexico City — 15 March 1968