France: Ratification of Additional Protocol I to the Treaty of Tlatelolco

State France
Treaty Additional Protocol I to the Treaty of Tlatelolco
Action Type Ratification
Depositary Government of Mexico
Date 24 August 1992
With the following reservations and declarations: 
"The French Government, by virtue of the fact that the French territories situated in the zone of the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America are an integral part of the French Republic, can sign Additional Protocol I of the Treaty only as the authority responsible de jure for those territories. It expects the signatory governments of the Treaty, convened in the Agency for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America, to take note of the fact that it participates in the Protocol only in that capacity.
"The French Government, in signing Additional Protocol I of the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and 
subject, for its entry into force in respect of France, to the reservation that the required constitutional procedures must be completed, 
expresses the following reservations and makes the following interpretive declarations:
"(1) No provision of this Protocol or of the articles of the Treaty to which it relates may detract from the full exercise of the right of self-defence confirmed by Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations. 
"(2) Pursuant to article 4, paragraph 1, of the Treaty, the zone of application of the undertakings arising out of the Treaty consists of the totality of the territories defined in article 3 of the Treaty, it being understood that the legislation referred to in the said article 3 must conform to international law. For the French Government, any zone which is more extensive, specifically the one referred to in article 4, paragraph 2, of the Treaty, cannot be considered as being established in conformity with international law, and consesquently the French Government could not agree to the application of the Treaty therein.
"(3) The French Government does not agree that the obligations arising out of Protocol I, which relates to articles 1 and 13 of the Treaty, may be applied to the transit, through territories of the French Republic situated in the zone of the Treaty, of devices referred to in article 5 of the Treaty which are destined for other territories of the French Republic.
"(4) The French Government, while subscribing, by virtue of its acceptance of article 1 of Protocol I, to the obligations defined in article I of the Treaty, considers those obligations to apply solely to activities enumerated in that article which take place in the French territories on the basis of which Protocol I is signed. It cannot agree that those obligations may be interpreted as limiting in any way the participation of the populations of those territories in such activities taking place outside the zone or in the national defence effort of the French Republic.
"(5) The provisions of articles 1 and 2 of the Protocol apply to the text of the Treaty as it exists at the time of the signature of the Protocol by the French Government. Accordingly, any amendment to the Treaty which may enter into force pursuant to article 29 thereof cannot be regarded as binding on the French Government without that Government's express consent."
Other Actions Signature on deposit with Mexico City — 2 March 1979