Egypt: Signature of Partial Test Ban Treaty

State Egypt
Treaty Partial Test Ban Treaty
Action Type Signature
Depositary Government of the United States of America
Date 8 August 1963
The Treaty was signed by the former United Arab Republic.
The instrument of ratification of the Treaty by the United Arab Republic was accompanied by a statement that “The ratification by the Government of the United Arab Republic of this Treaty does not mean or imply any recognition of Israel or any Treaty Relations with Israel.”
By note of April 28, 1980, the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt informed the Department of State that the position of the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt as contained in the above statement, is no longer in force.
Other Actions Ratification on deposit with London — 10 January 1964
Signature on deposit with London — 8 August 1963
Signature on deposit with Moscow — 8 August 1963
Ratification on deposit with Moscow — 10 January 1964
Ratification on deposit with Washington — 10 January 1964