Russian Federation: Ratification of Sea-bed Treaty

State Russian Federation
Treaty Sea-bed Treaty
Action Type Ratification
Depositary Government of the United Kingdom
Date 18 May 1972


Communication of 2 July, 1971 (translation):

Amongst the signatories in London of the above Treaty was the Representative of the South Korean regime.  In connection with this, the Embassy of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics considers it necessary to make clear that the Soviet Union does not recognise the signature to the Treaty of the South Korean authorities as having legal force, as these authorities have no right to speak in the name of Korea.

Communication of 10 May, 1976 (translation):  The Federal Republic of Germany's statement on the extension to Berlin (West) of the Treaty on the Prohibition of the Emplacement of Nuclear Weapons and Other Weapons of Mass Destruction on the Seabed and the Ocean Floor and in the Subsoil Thereof, is not in accord with law. The said Treaty in its entire content directly affects matters of security and status and therefore is numbered among those international agreements and arrangements the force of which the FRG, as is clearly stated in the Quadripartite Agreement is not entitled to extend to Berlin (West).

The reservation in the FRG's statement to the effect that the Treaty "shall apply to Berlin (West), without affecting the rights and responsibilities of the Allied authorities and their competence in respect of disarmament and demilitarisation" is unfounded, since all provisions in the Treaty relate to matters of disarmament and demilitarisation and such application is simply impossible.  This reservation is designed merely to veil the illegal character of the FRG statement which, obviously, can have no legal force.  The said actions on the part of the FRG are nothing but a crude violation of the Quadripartite Agreement.

Other Actions Signature on deposit with London — 11 February 1971
Signature on deposit with Moscow — 11 February 1971
Ratification on deposit with Moscow — 18 May 1972
Signature on deposit with Washington — 11 February 1971
Ratification on deposit with Washington — 18 May 1972