Italy: Signature of Sea-bed Treaty

State Italy
Treaty Sea-bed Treaty
Action Type Signature
Depositary Government of the United States of America
Date 11 February 1971

On the occasion of Italy’s signature of the Treaty, the Embassy of Italy in Washington addressed a note to the Department of State, dated February 11, 1971, containing a statement, an unofficial English translation of which, provided by the Embassy of Italy, reads as follows:

“The Italian Government naturally hopes that, as provided for by Art. V of the Treaty, negotiations in good faith may be continued in relation to further measures in the field of disarmament for the prevention of an armaments race on the seabed and ocean floor and in the subsoil thereof.  The Italian Government believes that in the event of agreements on such further measures, the problem of delimitation of the area within which these should be applied, should be in each single instance examined and solved according to the nature of the measures to be adopted.”

 In depositing the instrument of ratification by Italy on September 3, 1974, the Embassy of Italy in Washington, in a note of the same date, declared that it wished to confirm the statement made by the Government of Italy at the time of its signature of the Treaty.

Other Actions Signature on deposit with London — 11 February 1971
Ratification on deposit with London — 3 September 1974
Ratification on deposit with Moscow — 3 September 1974
Signature on deposit with Moscow — 11 February 1971
Ratification on deposit with Washington — 3 September 1974