Israel: Signature of Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

State Israel
Treaty Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty
Action Type Signature
Depositary Secretary-General of the United Nations
Date 25 September 1996

On 29 January 1997, the Secretary-General received from the Government of Israel the following communication with regard to the declaration contained in paragraph 3:

"Israel considers that Iran's declaration on this matter has no legal basis and is entirely motivated by political reasons extraneous to the CTBT.

The Iranian declaration attempts to undermine the implementation of the treaty and is incompatible with both the Treaty and its spirit, as well as with the U.N. Charter principle of sovereign equality of all states.

Israel, by geography, is part of the Middle-East region, and no objection will change this.

Israel calls upon other signatories of the CTBT to express their rejection of the Iranian reservation to Israel's inclusion in the MESA Geographic region, as well as the threat contained therein."